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John Wilson

  • 1588-1667

  • Puritan clergyman

  • Minister of first church of Boston from its inception until his death in 1667

  • Born in Sudbury in Suffolk, England

  • Sailed with John Winthrop

  • Returned to England twice after arrival in Boston

    • Once to bring his wife back, another to conduct business

  • Was part of controversy surrounding Christianity in Boston

  • Part of the reason that Anne Hutchinson was banished from Massachusetts

  • Wilson and Cotton were central in the controversy and later trails that ensued from the rising Quaker presence in Boston

  • The first protestant minister to the Native people

    • November 1633 – visited Agawam (now known as Ipswich)

    • Visited the natives, tended to the sick, preached to those who spoke enough English to understand him

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